Making The Music…

Today I sat down with my friend Chris today at uni and we went from beginning to end and discussed what music I would like for my documentary. For Example at the beginning I wanted it fairly chilled before entering the montage when it would very rock orientated and high paced leading up to the title. I see being a wrestler is like having an alter ego like a superhero, and people naturally assume that when you tell them your a wrestler your naturally a very aggressive people which couldn’t be further from the truth. They spend most of there time in the ring being aggressive a lot of outside of the ring are very calm and mild mannered. This is his how I think James’ is portrayed in the interviews in contrast to the footage of him in the ring, so I wanted something quite calm and chilled when he was talking about his experiences and influences. For when he was talking about his perform arts and dancing I want something up beat but almost remixed classical to bring it up to a modern standard, a great example that Chris showed me was The Fallen Interlude by Blink 182.

One the most important parts was that I felt when the stranger interviews begin, I felt like there should be no music, almost to isolate their negative comments from the documentary. As for when he talks about setting up the foudation, his sister leading up to him planning his own events, I felt like the music should ‘pluck on the heart strings’ so too speak, and start of sad and work up to being really up beat. For when he talks about his opinions about peoples comments towards the business, the music shouldn’t be aggressive as such just, display that he is passionate about what his talking about. Leading to the final interview I think it should wind down and start to be very calm and relaxed.

Chris’ Notes from our discussion

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Making a DVD cover…

I went online today and I got the measurements for a DVD case, and I decided to make a DVD case for my documentary. For whatever reason I thought it was going to be difficult but once I got the measurements I just set it up in photoshop and just used the 2nd poster I made as a front cover. The hard part came when I had to write a synopsis on the back, but I think I made it clear what I want to get across in this documentary. NOTE: I have left a 3mm edge to the cover for trimming.

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Fightstar Entertainment Event Poster…

After showing James designs for my posters for the documentary he asked me whether or not I’d be able to design his posters for his future wrestling events. So this is one that I made today for his upcoming event in June at the Barrington Theatre in Ferndown.

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Don’t ask Dave Finlay if wrestling is fake!

I found this video if Finlay who is an Irish born wrestler and is working backstage at the WWE at this current time. This clip was shot for another documentary funny enough, and he comments one what he does to people , or what he used to do to people to who told him wrestling was fake just to prove a point. He would ask for the persons thumb and the theory is that,

“you can’t see pain you can only feel it…”.

It was the guys job just to tell his friend that Finlay was hurting him, but he had no expression on his face,

“…you can’t explain pain, you can only feel it…”

So he put more pressure and Finlay started to sing a song, put more pressure on the guys thumb, so he’s in more pain, and his friend is completely clueless and just laughing because Finlay is singing. He ends up breaking his thumb.

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Colour Correction…

Today I did a little colour correction but I think there still could be more I could do, it was mainly to see if I could get the footage from the z5 to match the footage from the Canon 550d but the main problem was that there was a lot of lighting on the side I was filming with the Canon 550d, but I will continue to tweak it till I get it right. I added a couple more cutaways in and tomorrow I will be working on the music for the documentary with Chris Gutteridge who produced the music for my last project.

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DVD Menu…

I thought about making a DVD menu if I had enough time after finishing the final edit of the documentary, I think it would add a nice touch to it. I found a nice tuturial using Adobe Encore and I would use Photoshop and After Effects to createall my graphics for the menu.

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More Editing and After Effects Opening…

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Last week I managed to complete a rough cut of the documentary including a motion graphics opening which would have a lot of harder if I hadn’t used the graphics from the 2nd poster. I still kept with the old school poster look, it was just a matter of key framing the motion, plus the freeze frame was fairly simple to do as well. I haven’t gotten a response from TNA so I probably won’t use the footage but I can still upload it to my youtube channel. As for today I’ve just been tweaking the video, I added the interview of James’ mum and just played around with some graphics. I’m hoping to work on the music with my friend on Wednesday and on Friday James is going to try and look for the DVD of his dance project from uni for me so I can include it as well.

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1st Edit…

Here is a copy of my first edit of my documentary, I’m very happy that I have meant my personal goal, and I’m hoping to sort out the music on Sunday or Monday. I have now 2 weeks to fine tune, cut it down some more, edit the audio levels, and more wrestling footage, and try and stabilize some of the cutaways in After Effects. I will talk about my development today in my next post.


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A Lot More Editing…

Today I carried on with some more editing, and my hope is to render out a first draft for tomorrow so that perhaps over the week I can show Chris and work on the music for it together. The plan tomorrow is to and in the last shots at the end and also add in the motion graphics from my 2nd poster into a title sequence, whilst at the same time trying to cut it down to below at least 12 minutes, which has proven to be challenging so far. Also I tried stabilizing the some of the shots today in After Effects, it was taking too much time so I decided to leave for now and come back to it if I have time, but the main priority is to finish an edit, the deal with the audio levels and colour correction, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem because I’ve done some along the way, as for the audio levels, they sound great but the stranger interviews could do with a tweak I think.

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Emailing TNA Wrestling…

Today I emailed TNA Wrestling to ask if it was ok to include some of the footage that I shot at their live event at Wembley Arena, in all likely hood they’ll say no, because I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have been filming any of the event, but the most likely outcome would be that they won’t respond. I would have preferred to have used archive footage from the WWE or even a live event, but I know I would get in trouble for copyright because they essentially control the monopoly in the wrestling business, so any logos or likenesses , names etc… could prove a problem for me, the only real connection I have put in, is where James mentions Stone Cold Steve Austin, I have a short clip of his action figure. With TNA it shouldn’t be to much of a problem, I’m hoping I can just blur out the logo,  unless they say otherwise, but its worth a try.



To Whoever this may concern

My name is Samuel Ibrahim and I am an associate of AUCB (Arts University College at Bournemouth) in the south west of England. My passion is pro wrestling; and currently doing a Ba Hons degree in Digital Media Production. For my final project I’m making a wrestling documentary about my friend James Riley aka Jay Knox, who has 8 years experience at the age of 23, as well as owning his own ring and running his own shows. My documentary is primarily about him, but in January of this year I was at the TNA live event in London at Wembley Arena. I was ringside and I shot some footage on my iphone. I was wondering for my final piece at university if it would be ok to include some of this footage. The main footage I have is of Ric Flair vs Doug Williams, and Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson. I would greatly appreciate using some of this footage because I feel it could make my documentary that much better. Thank you for taking your time to read this email.

Yours Faithfully

Samuel Ibrahim

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