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I had looked at a few trailers from WWE documentaries about certain wrestlers at the beginning of the project as well as having a vast selection of DVD’s myself I realised that I loved the style that they had used to tell their stories. No matter what type footage was included i.e. the format, it was included but, molded to the structure of the documentary without damaging the quality of the documentary or the footage that was used. For example,  Ric Flair has been in the wrestling industry for close to 35 years, so of course a lot of his earlier matches where shot on VHS, 4:3, etc… instead 16:9. Most of the documentary if not all is shot in HD, but for these matches instead of stretching the clip to widescreen, they either created side banners to maybe the DVD menu/cover, or the duplicated the clip, made it larger in the background to fill the spaces and then blur it out. These techniques I really enjoy, and its something I am using for my own documentary. I plan to use old footage of James dancing from university from one of the courses he did, but instead of stretching the footage, I’m going to deliberately make the footage look dated to and a nice effect to the documentary. Here are a few examples of documentaries about specific wrestlers.

My personal favourite, Shawn Michaels

‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair

Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat

‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

All of these wrestlers wrestled through the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s etc… to the present day were all have retired and most at in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

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