Making The Music…

Today I sat down with my friend Chris today at uni and we went from beginning to end and discussed what music I would like for my documentary. For Example at the beginning I wanted it fairly chilled before entering the montage when it would very rock orientated and high paced leading up to the title. I see being a wrestler is like having an alter ego like a superhero, and people naturally assume that when you tell them your a wrestler your naturally a very aggressive people which couldn’t be further from the truth. They spend most of there time in the ring being aggressive a lot of outside of the ring are very calm and mild mannered. This is his how I think James’ is portrayed in the interviews in contrast to the footage of him in the ring, so I wanted something quite calm and chilled when he was talking about his experiences and influences. For when he was talking about his perform arts and dancing I want something up beat but almost remixed classical to bring it up to a modern standard, a great example that Chris showed me was The Fallen Interlude by Blink 182.

One the most important parts was that I felt when the stranger interviews begin, I felt like there should be no music, almost to isolate their negative comments from the documentary. As for when he talks about setting up the foudation, his sister leading up to him planning his own events, I felt like the music should ‘pluck on the heart strings’ so too speak, and start of sad and work up to being really up beat. For when he talks about his opinions about peoples comments towards the business, the music shouldn’t be aggressive as such just, display that he is passionate about what his talking about. Leading to the final interview I think it should wind down and start to be very calm and relaxed.

Chris’ Notes from our discussion

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