Emailing TNA Wrestling…

Today I emailed TNA Wrestling to ask if it was ok to include some of the footage that I shot at their live event at Wembley Arena, in all likely hood they’ll say no, because I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have been filming any of the event, but the most likely outcome would be that they won’t respond. I would have preferred to have used archive footage from the WWE or even a live event, but I know I would get in trouble for copyright because they essentially control the monopoly in the wrestling business, so any logos or likenesses , names etc… could prove a problem for me, the only real connection I have put in, is where James mentions Stone Cold Steve Austin, I have a short clip of his action figure. With TNA it shouldn’t be to much of a problem, I’m hoping I can just blur out the logo,  unless they say otherwise, but its worth a try.



To Whoever this may concern

My name is Samuel Ibrahim and I am an associate of AUCB (Arts University College at Bournemouth) in the south west of England. My passion is pro wrestling; and currently doing a Ba Hons degree in Digital Media Production. For my final project I’m making a wrestling documentary about my friend James Riley aka Jay Knox, who has 8 years experience at the age of 23, as well as owning his own ring and running his own shows. My documentary is primarily about him, but in January of this year I was at the TNA live event in London at Wembley Arena. I was ringside and I shot some footage on my iphone. I was wondering for my final piece at university if it would be ok to include some of this footage. The main footage I have is of Ric Flair vs Doug Williams, and Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson. I would greatly appreciate using some of this footage because I feel it could make my documentary that much better. Thank you for taking your time to read this email.

Yours Faithfully

Samuel Ibrahim

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