The Main Event…

Filming yesterday went very well but it was my first time being in charge of filming an event and it was very stressful. The event itself was very entertaining and we got some fantastic shots. The only problems that occurred were that half way through the second or third match is that the fostex ran out of batteries dispite me charging them before the event. Any my brother quickly bought some new ones and that solved that problem. The only other real problem is that the Go Pro Cameras didn’t record as much footage as I would have liked, and its down to the fact that the previous footage was left on there that had been used by the last guy. Granted I should have checked before had but I was busy getting everything else ready and logically thought the last guy would have deleted his stuff, its what I do at the end of each shoot. Anyway I got some good shots of the ring but none of the matches. I had the Z5 camera record the whole event on tape and also managed to film the ring being set up before the event started. The footage from the Z5 looks amazing and the footage I got from the 550d looks fantastic, so I am very pleased about that, however when I switched to my spare SD card it wouldn’t let me record, I could only record in short 4 second burst for some reason. I think it might have been down to the battery but having said that when I wasn’t recording the camera was fine. Regardless I got a lot of footage that I’m proud of and it was a very successful night and very satisfying. The only shots I couldn’t get were the ones of James with the Go Pro Camera strapped to his head and the filming the wrestlers watching the interviews on the Macbook, everyone was far too busy setting up. However, we got a quick interview with Andy ‘Boy’ Simmons and Mad Ervin who was in the audience at the event. We got a final interview with James and his thoughts on the event and his final words about where he wants to end up in the wrestling industry.

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