Old School Wrestling Poster Examples…

The style I want to advertise and display my documentary is in a very retro 1960’s form of advertising, and also the  design would be used for DVD covers. The idea really spawned from the posters used to advertise James’ event. Altogether they have some retro elements but I think for mine what would makes it have a retro feel is the very basic typography and pictures that symbolize the time era, and really the idea came from seeing Klondyke Kate on the James’ poster. Here are some examples.

These last two posters are Star Wars spoof posters to do with the main fight scenes in the films, but the reason I liked them is because of the house the characters are diplayed, in a very pop art, basic shaded picture, almost like  a cartoon and that’s how I would like to display James on the posters, leaflets,DVD covers etc…

What I would like to do perhaps to make the posters look more old and authentic is to take pictures of old pieces of paper and then apply my effects to the paper using photoshop.

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