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I think during the documentary briefly talking about steroid use in wrestling has to be mentioned and talked about because I think making awareness of it and not just ignoring it is important. Legislation has cracked down on it since 2

005, espically with the WWE strict regulations as well as offering rehab to its wrestlers. In the 80’s for what ever reason it was a lot more common, because to be the top guy you had to look well build and have ridiculously sized muscles. Where as now its not about looking huge and over muscled, its just about looking like an athlete. Take Rey Mysterio, he is about 5ft 8 maybe and is a lucidor wrestler from Mexico, who has held the World Title on many occasions, 20 years ago he would have had no chance at being in the main event because the bigger guys would just look down on him. In the same respect that’s who James remind of me of because he’s not one of the big guys, hes a high flyer and is very athletic.

One of the main issues I want to raise that even though there’s been deaths related to steroid use, people automatically think then if a wrestler dies its the number number one cause, forgetting that its still a very much physical form of entertainment. Examples of steroid related deaths are Brian Pillman, ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith, ‘Mr Perfect’ Curt Hennig, the most recent being Lance Cade. However, Owen Hart died from falling 90ft from the rafters to the ring, when he glided down for his entrance as ‘The Blue Blazer‘ which was his character at the time.

This is going to be a main topic that I’ll bring up in the documentary.

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