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Today I managed to upload the footage that I shot on Monday using the DSLR, and started editing and playing around with the footage. Unfortunately some of the footage came out with yellow lines across the screen which was bizarre but since it was my first time using the  camera I think it was done to the face I hadn’t adjusted the ISO properly. It wasn’t until I started filming James up the round that I noticed everything was bleached so I changed it and it was fine. I still got some good shots that can still be used as cutaways, as well as placing the interviews underneath.

James is leaving for Devon tomorrow to wrestler at the holiday park, once he gets his rota we can plan when to film, so when I can come down there and film an event and I also want to meet at his house to film some the interviews there as well as his collection of awards and championships from wrestling and karate. This will tie in nicely to the documentary.

I have some shots planned but only specific things I want to film i.e. close ups of the posters, him walking down the street, him in the ring and him jumping of the top rope maybe with the intro. One thing I would like to have him do is introduce himself for the documentary at the beginning. The general order of what I want to ask him about leading up to his event are ruffly in order below.

  • Inspiration for becoming a wrestler
  • How did you break in
  • Did you go to college and university, and what did you study?
  • Why did you chose to study that?
  • Wrestling Training?
  • Childhood?
  • Why do you organise your own events?
  • Comments from people who aren’t fans?
  • Final Event on 29th March
  • James’ and other wrestlers responses to there comments whilst playing the matches from the event

What I though would be really great would be to after or before the event to playback the interviews with strangers to the wrestlers to give their feedback on their comments!!! I don’t think that’s ever been done before in a wrestling documentary and it would be a nice way to end it with James as the last person.

As for the current plans I’m waiting on a response from James this week about when I can come down to Devon to film, once I get the word I will come down to film with one the Z5’s

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