Capturing and Editing…

I started editing a couple of weeks ago briefly just to get things going but spent most of today capturing the tapes that I shot on with the Z5 and then wrestling event in Ferndown on Tuesday. The footage is looking great so far and now my main priority is to now just continue with my editing, but the first job is to since all the Fostex audio with all the interviews and other footage before I can properly start editing which will be difficult but it hopefully shouldn’t take me to long.

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The Main Event…

Filming yesterday went very well but it was my first time being in charge of filming an event and it was very stressful. The event itself was very entertaining and we got some fantastic shots. The only problems that occurred were that half way through the second or third match is that the fostex ran out of batteries dispite me charging them before the event. Any my brother quickly bought some new ones and that solved that problem. The only other real problem is that the Go Pro Cameras didn’t record as much footage as I would have liked, and its down to the fact that the previous footage was left on there that had been used by the last guy. Granted I should have checked before had but I was busy getting everything else ready and logically thought the last guy would have deleted his stuff, its what I do at the end of each shoot. Anyway I got some good shots of the ring but none of the matches. I had the Z5 camera record the whole event on tape and also managed to film the ring being set up before the event started. The footage from the Z5 looks amazing and the footage I got from the 550d looks fantastic, so I am very pleased about that, however when I switched to my spare SD card it wouldn’t let me record, I could only record in short 4 second burst for some reason. I think it might have been down to the battery but having said that when I wasn’t recording the camera was fine. Regardless I got a lot of footage that I’m proud of and it was a very successful night and very satisfying. The only shots I couldn’t get were the ones of James with the Go Pro Camera strapped to his head and the filming the wrestlers watching the interviews on the Macbook, everyone was far too busy setting up. However, we got a quick interview with Andy ‘Boy’ Simmons and Mad Ervin who was in the audience at the event. We got a final interview with James and his thoughts on the event and his final words about where he wants to end up in the wrestling industry.

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Video Log 1

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Tomorrow’s Plan…

Currently the plan is to go into university and collect the rest of the equipment needed for Tuesday evening, but once I have collected the equipment I will be heading over to Castlepoint to meet James for some more interviewing and filming, and hopefully getting the last bit of interviewing done, after from the few bits I will be doing here and there on Tuesday, whilst James sets up and also I will get a chance to show the interviews from the street with the strangers to the other wrestlers and get there thoughts on what has been said.

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James Riley Interview Part 1

Here are a series of interviews that I filmed the other day. This is the raw footage without the Fostex audio I recorded.

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Yesterdays Filming…

Yesterday I went down to Weymouth to meet James at the holiday park to interview him. Unfortunately he told me that I was unable to film him in his costume at the holiday park mainly because of the children and parents on site at the time. However, I spent the day his pod or accommodation interviewinghim and I am very happy with the amount of footage that I got. I still need to film some more which I will do on Monday at his house and the day of the event, and hopefully if all goes to plan then that should be all the filming done. The plan tomorrow is to go and do a quickie edit of the interviews that I shot of the strangers, I’m not going to change them a lot I think because the idea is that I’m going to show them to James and the other wrestlers before the event., to get their opinions and feedback. As well as that I’m going to sync up the audio from the Fostex with camera footage tomorrow, as well as perhaps go out to town and film some more interviews in town, but on Monday I’m going to do some more interviewing round James’ house.

All together I am very pleased with the footage I got on the day, the only regret I had was not being able to use the Go Pro camera but hopefully I’ll be able to use it on Monday.

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Tomorrows Plan…

Tomorrow I’m getting the train at 10 o clock to meet James in Weymouth at 10:30 ready for filming. Straight away when I get there I will be attaching the Go Pro HD camera to the front of his car and film him through the window asĀ  I interview him as he drives. This way I will have a really unique shot and if I have time I will attach it to other parts of the car and take some more shots. As for the rest of the day I will be interviewing him at his house and also by the theatre to complement when he talks about his work doing performing arts and dancing. Hopefully if all goes as planned then I should get a good amount of footage.

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2nd Poster Design…

Here is another poster design idea, going with a completely different in times of design and layout, in terms of style I’m still going for a very50’s retro feel. This time round though the font is very bold and stands out more, the font is called ‘Dead Kansas’. As for the buildings it was just a design choice because I didn’t know what else to fill the space with. Also I’ve added a few more brush effects to give it a bit more of a texture to the design.

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Bournemouth Interviews

Here are the interviews that I shot in the Bournemouth the other day, some fairly balanced feedback.

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1st Poster Design

Here is a quick mockup/idea I had made today just to practice some ideas for how the posters will work.

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