Meeting James Riley…

Jeff Hardy performing a low dropkick on Umaga....

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Today I met another pro wrestler, James Riley, who unlike Kevin has a lot experience. He has been wrestling 8 years and at the age of 23 runs his own shows in Ferndown. I sat down with him today for a good couple of hours telling what I hope to achieve from my documentary and why I want to use him for it, throwing around ideas. The main point I put across is the I wanted people who weren’t fans to at least watch my documentary and have a new respect for pro wrestling. He is currently planning to hold an event at the end of March which is perfect timing against my gantt chart, so I will be filming the whole event. Plus since its in the style of a day in the life of, I will follow him around with a camera into the weeks leading up the event itself, as well as perhaps get in the ring myself and feel what its like to take a ‘bump’ (fall). Filming starts straight away this week as I will be filming James down in Poole at the end of the week handing out posters and fliers for his event. He gave me some great advice since I told him the reason I was making the documentary is because I want to be involved in the creative part of wrestling in terms of storylines. He said what would be good would be to get in contact with FSM (Fighting Spirit Magazine) which is based in Poole and see whether or not I could get contacts of even work for them, writing articles. Also filming indy promotions and making DVD’s for them could be a nice way of breaking in as well after uni.

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