Analyzing HARD KNOCKS…

Today I sat down and watched Hard Knocks to analyze the topics discussed in ta bit more detail and what I want to talk about specifically in my documentary. Mine will be about focusing on the individual that wants to break into the business and become a big star, documenting the day in the life of a wrestler and what his routine is leading up to an event, where he wants to be in the future etc… Talking about why the decided to become wrestlers and why they think fans like it as apposed to someone who doesn’t. It will also be about comparing a young inexperienced wrestler with a veteran such as Alex Shane, Andy Boy Simmons or the UK Kid a.k.a Tom Jones. I went through the documentary to pick out key topics and I’m going to create my own questions based on what I want to know and what I think people who aren’t fans would be interesting knowing. I’d interview random people but also ask them, if they where to ask a pro wrestler one question what would it be? Here is a list of topics that I picked out from Hard Knocks.

  • Interviewing Kevin (inexperienced wrestler) and a veteran for a comparison
  • A day in the life of a wrestler…
  • Promos? Acting? Setting the storyline of why your fighting.
  • Planning out moves in the ring depending on how well you know the person
  • The amount of traveling done by a wrestler to get to shows (In WWE’s scale that’s 365 days a year with no off season like the NBA or NFL)
  • Wrestling match storyline structure i.e. the good guy (face) vs the bad guy (heel), its about feeling emotion and connecting with the audience, making the cheer, laugh, boo etc…
  • People who aren’t fans think that its staged to a point where no contact is made, they hit each other but not as hard as they could
  • It only takes 10 pounds of pressure to break a bone and things go wrong
  • Crap money until you get to a major company. Wrestlers have been paid with sandwiches!
  • From an average persons perspective its not respected as a form of entertainment or sport
  • Steroids
  • Dieting and looking like an athlete
  • American and British wrestlers, wresting in Japan and Mexico
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