New Learning Agreement…

Name: Samuel Ibrahim

Course: Ba Hons [Top Up] Digital Media Production Level: 6

Unit: Extended Major Project

Reference number: [Write the unit’s reference code – refer to the unit handbook]

Credit points: 60

Study hours: 600 hours

Tutor(s): Phil Beards and Liam Birtles

Synopsis of study

For my Extended Major Project I will produce a documentary (approx 10 – 15 minutes) about pro wrestling, specifically about a young up and coming star that wants to make to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), which is essentially the monopoly of the industry. My documentary will provide a rare look at a day in the life of the wrestler of my choice, as well as what goes into preparing for events, showcased through interviews with the wrestler, fans and people who do not like wrestling. The key point with my documentary is to show that pro wrestling is a great form of entertainment, an art form, but most importantly that its still a sport, and that people judge it and misunderstand it. Even though the outcome is pre determined, a lot is gone in to making it look violent without causing serious harm to your opponent. I’m making a documentary about a subject that is important to me, because it’s an industry that I want to be a part of someday.

My aim from this project is to produce a professional documentary about a subject I’m very passionate about. Since I’m documenting something that I have loved for a long time, I feel I will be more engaged in the filming process and what key topics I want to address. As opposed to my last project it will be a much bigger production and will need to be planned and organised rigorously. I will need to go to live wrestling events to film stock footage as well as interview fans, wrestlers and to make the documentary unbiased, I will also need to interview people who are not fans of the industry. Other issues include assembling a crew together for filming, as this was one of the problems I ran into last time.

The main reason for choosing this topic is because it’s something that I enjoy watching as a fan, and I enjoy talking about. If I’m not doing work then I’m watching pro wrestling. I want to work in the industry, writing scripts and storylines for the WWE, which essentially are an art form as well as a sport. This documentary will hopefully provide a gateway for a future job prospect. This documentary has to stand out from all other wrestling documentaries that have been made, independently, and I will have to experiment with all the techniques that I have learnt throughout the course to achieve this goal. My main point that I want to get across to an audience is that I’m not interested in turning them into fans of pro wrestling, but rather have them understand what goes into a show, and have them at least by the end of the documentary respect what these athletes do in the ring.

Assessment Requirements

  • A finished professional documentary (approx 10 – 15 minutes)
  • At least 2 posters promoting the documentary (So the wrestler has a choice on which one will be used), with a possible extra poster promoting a wrestling event of my chosen wrestler.
  • A DVD Cover for the documentary and DVD
  • A written blog documenting my work and development on the documentary


I will use my vast knowledge of pro wrestling as well as these resources that I have listed about and my vast collection of wrestling documentaries e.g. Ricky Steamboat: Story of the Dragon, Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Story, Shawn Michaels: My Journey and of course (produced by World Wrestling Entertainment), the independent wrestling documentary, ‘Hard Knocks’, to produce a professional quality documentary.



Research into local wrestling companies and promotions, as well as current wrestling documentaries

18th March

Find a suitable wrestler for documentary

18th February

Find about filming a wrestling event

18th February

Find out about attending a training session if available

4th March

Write questions for interviews with my wrestler and sort out a structure in which to place them for the documentary

18th February

Finish storyboard and plan ideas for specific shots and cutaways for the documentary

4th March

Meet with my chosen wrestler or promoter to organise a time to interview him or her.

25th February

Filming wrestlers preparation for an event, possible training and the main interviews

18th March

Film a wrestling event that the chosen wrestler is taking part in

1st April


1st April


27th April

Post Production

27th April


28th April

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