Todays Filming…

Todays filming went fairly well, I got a feeling for the camera although I still need to work on focusing in and out properly, but the quality of the 550d is fantastic and I got some great shots. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the ME66 mic for sound but its okay because I will probably use it for cut away shots. The camera has to go back on Wednesday but there’s a chance that I might be able to get some cut-aways at James’ house. I have booked the equipment I need from the 14th March until 31st March, this will cover all the filming I need plus the filming of the final event itself.

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Todays Plan…

Filming went fairly well on Friday I got some fairly good footage from just recording on my phone, but today I have the dslr, Canon 550d. So I will be able to capture some fantastic footage with in Bournemouth later when I meet James. The plan is to really ask the same questions I did last time and possibly if the quality is good enough, mix that with the footage I shot on Friday. Again it’ll be just a matter of following him around with the posters and ask him questions as he does it. That’s pretty much the layout of the documentary the whole way through, me just following him around with a camera leading up to the event that he’s planning in Ferndown on the 29th March. I will film everything does up until the event. He talked about wrestling at holiday parks in Devon so I hope to film him there as well. I want to get some footage of him doing everyday things as well, such as a regular job that his has and then have it contrast with his wrestling.

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James Riley Test Interview Part 1

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Emailing FSM…

  • Wrestling Documentary and Creative Writting‏

From: Sam Ibrahim (
Sent: 22 February 2011 16:44:05
To Mr Elliott

My name is Samuel Ibrahim, and I am inspiring to work for the wrestling industry as a creative writer. At this current time I’m in my final year studying at AUCB (Arts University College at Bournemouth) doing my BA Hons in Digital Media Production. For my final piece I am making a wrestling documentary, but as apposed to ‘Hard Knocks’ (which I’m sure you’ve heard of) which looks at the wrestling industry in a very broad view, mine is more about the young individual wanting to make it big in the business. I have been a big fan for many years and wanted to write story-lines for the business for even longer, and I’m hoping my documentary will at least set me on a good path. My course will finish up at the end of June/July and I was wondering if you’d consider interviewing me for job with FSM? I live in Parkstone so that wouldn’t be a problem. I am very passionate about the wrestling industry and it would be great to hear from you.

Thank you for taking your time to read this

Yours Faithfully

Samuel Ibrahim

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Meeting James Riley…

Jeff Hardy performing a low dropkick on Umaga....

Image via Wikipedia

Today I met another pro wrestler, James Riley, who unlike Kevin has a lot experience. He has been wrestling 8 years and at the age of 23 runs his own shows in Ferndown. I sat down with him today for a good couple of hours telling what I hope to achieve from my documentary and why I want to use him for it, throwing around ideas. The main point I put across is the I wanted people who weren’t fans to at least watch my documentary and have a new respect for pro wrestling. He is currently planning to hold an event at the end of March which is perfect timing against my gantt chart, so I will be filming the whole event. Plus since its in the style of a day in the life of, I will follow him around with a camera into the weeks leading up the event itself, as well as perhaps get in the ring myself and feel what its like to take a ‘bump’ (fall). Filming starts straight away this week as I will be filming James down in Poole at the end of the week handing out posters and fliers for his event. He gave me some great advice since I told him the reason I was making the documentary is because I want to be involved in the creative part of wrestling in terms of storylines. He said what would be good would be to get in contact with FSM (Fighting Spirit Magazine) which is based in Poole and see whether or not I could get contacts of even work for them, writing articles. Also filming indy promotions and making DVD’s for them could be a nice way of breaking in as well after uni.

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Todays Roundtable Discussion…

Slam Wrestling Training Ring

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Today I discussed how my idea was developing and that I had met Kevin and discussed about how I wanted to film the documentary. My thought process was as a comparison that I didn’t want to film any of his backyard wrestling, because I wanted people who weren’t fans of wrestling, when they watch it, even if they don’t like it, they can respect it and to me that would send off the wrong message. I will film it all anyway because in terms of getting access to interview wrestlers, at least I would have some footage. One suggestion was to turn it into a narrative and just do it about a guy who wants to become a wrestler. These are all ideas that I have taken into account and hopefully my am is to have some footage by the end of next week.

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Reviewing ‘THE WRESTLER’…

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - DECEMBER 16: Pro wrester R...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The Wrestler is fictional story about Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson, a partially retired wrestler who used to be one of the big stars in the industry but now works house shows for small crowds while maintaining a job at the butchers. It tells the story of a wrestlers life behind the ring and curtains and what the audience doesn’t see. It shows all the heart ache with his medical, financial and family problems all a cause of pro wrestling. The film is directed by Darren Aronofsky

Interview with Darren Aronofsky

Interview with Mickey Rourke

Its interesting how he says in the interview that he went into the role with no respect for the business, but after 2 weeks of training he couldn’t walk up the stairs and but the end of the film had 3 MIR’s. Rourke is an ex boxer so he was able to compare the two. Boxing your looking to beat the guy as fast as possible, wrestling is more to do with working with your opponent, almost like a ballad.

Round-table discussion with Legends of Pro Wrestling ( From Right to Left: Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake, Diamond Dallas Page, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Lex Luger, Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine)


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Emailing VPW…

  • Wrestling Doucmentary‏

From: Sam Ibrahim (
Sent: 15 February 2011 12:11:37
To: VPW (
To whoever this may concern,
My name is Samuel Ibrahim and I’m a student from the Arts University College at Bournemouth. I am studying Ba Hons Digital Media Production, and for my final piece I am making a wrestling documentary. My passion has been pro wrestling for  a long time but more on the creative side of things. Hard Knocks did give me an inspiration to do this project, but unlike Hard Knocks which focuses on the pro wrestling industry in general mine will focus on a single upcoming wrestler that hopes to make it big someday and documenting his journey so to speak. The guy/girl still has to be chosen but I would very much like to be able to film some footage and possibly get some interviews. I would like maybe to get some footage at the 25th Feb event at the steel cage event. I inspire to do creative writing for the wrestling industry someday so this documentary will hopefully be enough to get me going.

Yours Faithfully

Samuel Ibrahim

There next event is on the 25th February, so hopefully I’ll be able to film there and possibly get some interviews leading up the event itself. In the mean time I can organise a closer time to do some filming of Kevin.
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Meeting Kevin Roberts…

smack down

Image by mufan96 via Flickr

Today I met Kevin to discuss what I plan to film which is him and perhaps to other wrestlers to compare their daily lives. We also generally chatted about the business, his future plans and that he wants to wrestle in Japan. He’s been doing backyard wrestling now for 5 years and has been training pro for about half a year. I plan to film the VPW event on the 25th Feb in Portsmouth and then training events with Kevin.

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Louis Theroux: Wrestling Documentary…

Here is a clip from a wrestling documentary by Louis Theroux that was done back in 2001/2002 judging by the people he’s interviewing and the events he’s going to. Its processed around the last days of WCW just before it went out of business when WWE bought them out. I will be watching this in detail to get some inspiration, but clearly unlike Louis, I know quite a lot about wrestling from a fan perspective, and about whole people are and companies etc…

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