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Today I sat down with Phil and discussed my idea, and that the idea was strong but didn’t feel quite comfortable with it mainly because of what I was going to do after graduating, and I have no idea yet. I want to work in the pro wrestling industry, writing specially scripts, story lines and what essentially is staging for matches. It was suggested to me to make a documentary about pro wrestling.  Obviously unbiased but both Liam and Phil agreed it could be very  interesting and it wasn’t late to change my idea. So that’s my current plan, I have  a tutorial  with Bob on Thursday, hopefully before that I can get some idea of the structure I want. I’ve already decided apart from looking at the business as a whole that I want do the documentary as following a day in the life of a wrestler, a young guy looking to make it big someday in the main wrestling company, the WWE. I will look at  a wrestling documentary called Hard Knocks which will give me some inspiration for my piece. VPW is a local company in Portsmouth and there’s a couple of wrestlers which I was thinking of asking to be part of the documentary. UK Kid a.k.a Tom Jones and Jake McCluskey.

Promo for the match.

Highlight package of the match.

The trailer for Hard Knocks.

Interview with Arthur Cauty


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