Pitching the idea to my Dad…

Today I spent the afternoon talking to my dad about my idea of making people more aware not to be paranoid of terrorism. He liked the idea so he’s agreed to help me translate the parts of the script that need to be in Arabic and collaborate on the idea with me as well specifically the comedy involved. The main thing he liked about the idea was the end credits where it shows all the guys including the main character having a drink in the pub laughing about what happened. He went on to say that there are so many problems in Egypt because of extremists, primarily because 10% of Egypt is Christian, the rest being Muslim. There are so many attacks that the news can’t report them all, I had no idea but there was a car bombing this morning. We talked about the different dialects for different parts of Egypt such as the Gulf, Saudi Arabia etc… but the primary one is the Christian dialect, almost like the different languages where created through their religions. He definitely liked the idea of the film showing that we shouldn’t be so paranoid because of a small minority causing the trouble. Our plan is that I will try and finish a 1st draft in English and highlight the parts I want in Arabic, and then the same time next week we will sit down and he will help me translate it into written Arabic for subtitles and spoken Arabic for the actors to use.

In my learning agreement I talked about the bombing in Alexandria that happened at the beginning of the month, this is where my family on my father’s side live, luckily no one from my family was hurt, but despite that, 21 people were killed.

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