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For my Extended Major Project I will produce a short (approx 5 – 8 minutes) narrative based film about a man who is attempting to learn a new language, which in this case is Egyptian. He is learning using his mp3 player whilst traveling on a bus, where he meets some Egyptian people. Whilst on the bus he tries to overhear what they’re saying and eventually tries to have a conversation with them in Egyptian. He fails at talking to the group which eventually leaves the bus, and it’s not until they’ve gone that he notices that they have left a bag behind. He decides to throw the bag away because he thinks it’s a bomb, only to find out it’s just packed a lunch. I specifically picked an Egyptian as the subject because I’m half Egyptian and as I have the opportunity from help my parents to get the translations for conversations completely right. I’m taking a subject that is controversial and making a light hearted short film.

My aim from this project is to produce an edgy professional short film that can then be submitted to a film competition. Since I’m talking about my own heritage, it’s still a sensitive subject, and if it’s going to be displayed in London then these are aspects that I need to consider. As opposed to my last project it will be a much bigger production and will need to be planned and organised rigorously. I will need to hire professional actors for the roles as well as acquire the help of my parents to write the Egyptian translations of the script. Other issues include assembling a crew together for filming, as well as experimenting with surround sound.

The main reason for choosing this topic for is apart for making it quite humorous and edgy it’s a subject that is quite important to me, because even though its seems like I’m making light of a serious situation, I have family living in Egypt where this threat is very real. So not only is this film about dark humor but it’s also about awareness, whilst reminding people not to be paranoid about it either. Since I will be filming on a bus it will test every single aspect of my film making skills, and it will give me a chance to experiment with all the techniques that I have learnt throughout the course.

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