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Adel Imam in Qatar 2009.

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The idea that was developed during the group discussion on Friday has opened a world of possibilities in terms of script ideas. Spanning from the idea of a guy learning Egyptian and listening on someones conversations. The idea started as over hearing a plot for a bomb attack, but gradually turned into something to do with comedic value, even dark humor because its quite a sensitive subject.

The idea was that a guy would get on a bus and over here some Egyptians talking, and using his new acquired skills he would try and find out what they were saying. I developed it a bit further to a point where he approaches them and tries to start a conversation, which ultimately fails. They leave the bus and the man notices that they’ve left a bag behind behind. Its an open top bus and he gets in a paranoid state and decides to throw the bag of the top of the bus only to find out that it had packed lunches in it.

Its a good idea but for several different reasons its a very risky route to go down in terms of a script idea, epically if  we are able to display our work in a London exhibition, it still had the potential to offend a lot of people, and still needs to be discussed with some people before I start writing it. The alternative would be to maybe do it somewhere else instead of a bus, perhaps a park or something, sitting on a bench  and still having him throwing the bag. The fact that the first idea was on the bus will instantly trigger a lot of thoughts about it being offensive.

Since the conversation that’s going to take place during the film is going to be in Egyptian its my plan to see my dad hopefully next week so I can discuss my idea and how I would translate the conversation correctly so the actors could read it. Egyptian is a complex language so I will need Egyptian actors or that at least can talk fluently, which is not going to be easy to find.

I definitely would love to go with a comedic angle still, I think it could drive the story along, and also translating the humor to Egyptian as well is going to be tricky as well which is why I need the help of my dad to work on the script to get it authentic. I will be researching into an Egyptian comedian called Adel Imam, who is a very popular comedian in Egypt and can hopefully draw some inspiration for the conversations that are going to take place.

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