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Insomnia (2002 film)

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Over the course of the last couple of days, most of the films I had mentioned in the previous post I have watched which include, Inception, Memento, Insomnia and new one called Buried starring Ryan Reynolds. All these films deal with some from of hallucination and what I want to explore is the filming techniques  and how its visually displayed in the film. Inception deals primarily with the dream state and the difference between reality and dream. Memento is about an injury that effects a mans short term memory, a man called Lenard (Guy Pearce) who is on the search for his wife’s killer, dealing with the injury that he sustained whilst trying to protect his wife. He can remember everything up to the incident but he can’t make new memories because his short term memory is damaged, so he leaves notes for himself and tattoos himself to remember the more important facts. In my own thought process I think this delves into hallucinations because of lack of memory, and you forgetting things on daily this could lead into you seeing things, perhaps due to instinctual l nature. You make not remember talking to someone the day before but if you’ve talked to them countless times without remembering, there’s still instinct on whether or not you can trust them because its different part of the brain. These could be classed as repetitive mental hallucinations.

Insomnia is a fantastic film because its to do with a very common type of hallucination, just being sleep deprived, and when you haven’t slept for 4 days like Al Pacino in this film, you’d start to see things as well. Pacino plays a cop that goes to Alaska to solve a murder, but what makes it interesting is that in Alaska the weather is very strange, I’m not sure on the technicalities of it but during a certain point of the year the sun doesn’t set and theres no night, as apposed to Winter when for certain time period its always night. Pacino and his partner are chasing after the killer and because of the fog he accidentally shoots and kills his partner. Afterward he starts seeing his partner everywhere, e.g. when him and the rest of the crew are searching for clues at the forest, he sees him in the search party looking for clues also. I just like the way they sneak the hallucinations in like your seeing it out the corner of your eye, like it blends in with everything else that your looking at. The same thing with flashbacks, nothing fancy just sharp no audio clips, these are techniques that I would love to utilise in my own film.

The idea that I’m working on is very much an experimental narrative i.e. in the less you see the more effective. My problem in the last film was that I used to many monitors, in this one I just want to use one, a monitor that can easily transported. Filming a journey between this character and this monitor which will ultimately be himself like the last film. The idea is to keep the concept but to simplify the idea to make it more effective. I imagine the character on the beach with the monitor, then in a city square, then on a train etc… like they are traveling through his mind and the monitor is showing him memories of his past sins or something. So he could be sleeping, it could be reality, or he could be dying. This is what I want to explore.

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