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Today I had my first tutorial to talk about my ideas for the EMP. I explained my ideas to Phil and that I wanted to continue my idea, or the concept from my previous idea about hallucinations from my previous project with a new script idea. However after much debate about the idea he didn’t think it was a safe idea for me to continue that idea epically after I wasn’t able to complete it the first time round. The alterative was maybe to make it more contemporary and have him talk to himself on a phone instead i.e. he’s in the pub and his having a video call on an Iphone or something with himself, that’s what it would look like ideally. Another thought I had was maybe the guy could be really geeky and have no confidence and the version of him on his phone can be the alter ego of him that’s trying to get out, the part of him that has all the confidence, and the film could be quite comedic.

Another film idea I had is based on a dream I had about a guy who decides to learn a new language (could be anything) something romantic maybe because its part of a plan to pick up girls. Anyway he’s  at work and he over hears to guys talking about robbing the store, and that they’re armed, but they are talking in language that his learnt, so I could have some fun with tracking subtitles to the footage. The story leads onto him trying to stop them because he wants to impress a girl or something, he gets security involved, they catch him and then he finds out that he got the translation for gun wrong with something else. I think it could make an interesting film, but I’m going to chat with Phil tomorrow to see what he thinks of my development, because before the 14th Jan I need to finish a revised script and a Learning Agreement, but I definitely feel more confident about these ideas.

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