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Over the course of the Christmas holidays following the critique from my first project in the 3rd year of the course, my feelings about the overall result of the film were very ‘double-edged’, because firstly I wasn’t able to finish, I would like to comeback to it but due to how fast the course is progressing the EMP is my number one priority now. Having said that I had a lot of development and thought process go into creating the idea itself and even though I hadn’t finished the class gave me very good feedback because they could see the development that had gone into the idea.

I decided that I wanted to continue the concept I had from my first film and create a brand new script for it, something that still embodied this idea of hallucinations and looking back on your own life but using the effects in a more simple manor because, Think part of the problem I had was making the final scene to complex where sometimes the simplest things and a lot more powerful visually and emotionally. The word itself ‘hallucinations’ has spanned off a thought pattern of how hallucinations occur, whether it be excessive alcohol and drug abuse, lack of food or water, even the visually impaired could could have hallucinations if they weren’t wearing their glasses, such as myself.

Another interesting idea is dreaming. Not so much as the dreaming itself but the dream state, the sub-conscious, and people that have insomnia. Insomnia is when people can’t sleep but, what if to say; that a deeper condition of the it was that just as they thought they were being cured but then they couldn’t tell the difference between a dream and reality and they both started to bleed together.

Firstly, I’m just exploring the thought and idea process at this point to develop and further my script for my own film and have no intention of ‘ripping off’ any other films, I want my film to unique, and where I am researching these topics, the main topic for my film is hallucinations and the causes of them.

Inception‘ by¬† Christopher Nolan has become one of my all time favourite films, I got it for Christmas and was able to look at some of the behind the scenes features, some of which blew my mind, I haven’t looked through them all yet but one thing that caught my eye was the fact he had been working on the film and idea itself for 10 years on the back-ends of other films he’s made, such as ‘MEMENTO‘ and ‘INSOMNIA‘, which strangely enough deal with the same issue.

Another good example is ‘Nightmare on Elm Street‘ the original 1984 version, but all together I think this a fairly good place to start with my script ideas.

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